7 Steps to Assemble Disc Brake Road Bike

7 Steps to Assemble Disc Brake Road Bike

It is fairly easy to do on your own with 7 steps to assemble disc brake road bike and you do not need to pay the installation fee to the bicycle shop.

We share our experience and tips of simple step-by-step instructions to assemble your bike. Just prepare yourself and some tools, let’s start!

  • Step 1: Gather Your Tools & Unbox It
  • Step 2: Remove & Detach All Secured Parts
  • Step 3: Install Handlebar
  • Step 4: Install Front Wheel
  • Step 5: Install Seat Post
  • Step 6: Install Pedals
  • Step 7: Checklist & Install Bike Accessories

Step 1: Gather Your Tools & Unbox It

knife or a scissor

Allen wrenches (size: 4.0 & 5.0)

Wrench tool (size: 15)

Prepare knife or scissor to cut the packing straps and tape carefully.

❣️Smart Tips
: Check the box to ensure there is no damage in the delivery process. Before unboxing, please shoot a photo/video as evidence if you found any box damage.

Step 2: Remove & Detach All Secured Parts

Bring out everything from the box, put it all on the floorCheck the items below you will see inside the box:

semi-install Bike

front Tire

mini box with parts (pedal x2 , reflectors)

saddle with seatpost

Next, cut the cable ties and remove secure covers from the bike framehandlebar, and front tire. Remember to clean the rubbish.

❣️Smart Tips: Cut the cable ties carefully, to avoid sketching the carbon frame.

Step 3: Install Handlebar

Rotate your bicycle stem, make sure the 4 screws are face to the front.

Remove the 4 screws and handlebar cover using the allen key (Size: 4.0)

Centralize your handlebarrotate it to the marked placementadjust the angle of the handlebar and make sure it is suitable for you before you tighten it.

❣️Smart Tips: If you have the tire installed first, you need to use your legs to hold the tire from losing balance to install your handlebar. So, we will recommend installing the handlebar first.

Step 4: Install Front Wheel

Remember to rotate the stem facing straight forward to avoid hitting the bike frame when installing the front wheel (not important, but useful)

Remove the red plastic protector on the brake caliper

Unscrew the nut and the axle it at the fork by using the allen tool (size: 5.0)

Tighten back (nut and axle) with the front tire and carefully connect the bike disc (rotor) into the brake caliper

❣️Smart Tips: Check your brake’s wires are not bound or tie together (it may cause your brake not to work).

Step 5: Install Seat Post

Put the seat rubble (from mini-box) on the seat post (reference from the image/video)

Loosen the seat clamp’s screw carefully halfway, to avoid the screw’s nut (which is inside the frame) dropping into the frame, if unfortunately the seat clamp’s screw’s nut drops, you will need to turn the whole bike upside down and take it out. [Trust me, it wouldn’t be a good experience when this happens.]

Install the seat post and adjust the saddle height that is suitable for you.

Tighten the seat clamp’s screw

❣️Smart Tips: Be aware that the seat clamp’s screw and the screw’s nut in the frame may be dropping. Hold the allen tool (size: 4.0) on the seat clamp’s screw and Install your seat post from the front edge.

Step 6: Install Pedals

Install the pedals in your crank arms using wrench tool (size: 15)

sticker label of L or R would be displayed on the pedals for you to install in the correct direction.

❣️Smart Tips: Your right pedal is threaded regularly (clockwise to tighten), while your left pedal is reverse threaded (counter-clockwise to tighten).

Step 7: Checklist & Install Bike Accessories

Check handlebar, shifter/brake lever angle is suitable when you ride

Check the height of the seat is suitable for riding

Check gears to ensure smooth shifting

Check brakes are not rubbing with proper engagement

Check tire proper function with 85% to 90% filled air and no pear holes

Install the accessories you want

❣️ Smart Tips: Ride slowly when you check the situation of gear shifting and brake function.

Important notes: Volck bikes’ left brake controls rear tire, and the right brake controls front tire.

After a safety build and a tested ride, get out there for the RIDE!

Great! Now you have the idea to install your own disc brake road bike. Do you like to assemble your bike? Hope this article can help you a lot. You can find the right road bike for you on www.ottobest.com like DASCH Coreway S5. Happy biking!

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