ADO Laboratory-What Should A Good Battery Be Like For Ebike?

ADO e-bike Laboratory

In recent years, with the popularity of electric bikes, batteries have become an important part of consumers’ attention.

According to statistics, 3 out of every 10 electric bicycle accidents are caused by batteries, and the proportion of accidents caused by batteries is increasing year by year, unsafe, low range, short life span and uneven battery quality in the market make consumers concerned when buying an e-bike.

These concerns are also of ongoing concern to ADO EBIKE ,  we have created the ADO Laboratory to address consumer concerns and create more quality products, and we have something to say about the e-bike battery.

So we made the first video of ADO Laboratory to take you through the details of “what should a good battery be like for an e-bike?

What are the most important factors affecting bike battery performance?

Availability (cells and protection plates)

For bike battery packs, cells and protection plates are the most important materials in a battery pack.

The quality of the cells determines the quality and safety performance of the whole battery pack, and the whole production process of the cells is very complex. Therefore, the state of the finished cell output cannot be changed and the cell factory will sell different grades of cells. Our company for the core manufacturers whether imported or domestic only and core original factory cooperation, all agents refuse to cooperate, for each batch of core incoming materials for performance, safety testing, and cores are signed a warranty agreement, so as to ensure that the source and quality of the core stable.

The second most important material for the bike battery pack is the protection plate. For the protection plate, we choose manufacturers are domestic E-bike battery pack first-line protection plate manufacturers, in line with the EU national certification requirements and safety requirements, and our battery protection plate through the SGS double protection certification, the use of double protection design can make it more safe and reliable, through the protection loop to monitor and prevent damage to the battery effectively, to prevent overcharge, over-discharge and short circuit caused by burning The protection loops effectively monitor and prevent damage to the battery, overcharging, over-discharging and short-circuiting, which can lead to combustion and explosion.

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Structure And Design

In addition to cells and protection plates, good bike battery structure design and protection are also important factors affecting the quality and safety performance of the battery pack.

Matching standards: The accuracy of the battery cell pairing determines the life span of the battery pack, most manufacturers in the industry use a cell matching system when using domestic cells. ADO EBIKE batteries do not distinguish between imported cells and domestic cells, they are implemented in accordance with the internal standards of the factory, and the internal standards far exceed the industry standards that can reach the electric vehicle battery level standards.

Cell insulation: Li-ion batteries are designed with the positive and negative electrodes at the same end and are insulated at the factory but the insulation material is not resistant to high temperatures. When the battery is welded or short-circuited with high current, the material will be dissolved and thus should generate a short circuit inside the battery cell. Our company has added insulating gaskets to all the cells, all designed from a safety point of view.

The battery pack is a combination of multiple cells and the internal series and parallel connections are complex. Therefore, when designing the battery pack, we need to add brackets for fixing, heat dissipation, and insulation of the battery pack. We will refuse to produce battery packs without brackets.

More battery packs on the market at present, more of them are battery boxes designed by shell factories and then assembled by battery manufacturers. But this often ignores a lot of details, more battery manufacturers are directly assembled and did not upgrade and optimize the battery pack itself.

Our company for the battery pack male model in the case of space allowed to upgrade the battery internal, from the conventional split structure design into one structure, reducing the internal confusion of the line problem using integrated structure design. This greatly reduces the failure point of the battery pack and makes the battery pack safer.

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About the ADO Laboratory

In order to be more professional in the field of electric bicycles and to guarantee the high quality of our products, ADO has set up its own laboratory, which is certified as a “QTL laboratory (Qualified Testing Lab)” by the international body SGS. The laboratory has invested in advanced testing equipment in accordance with the international requirements of SGS.

In addition to testing electric bicycles, ADO laboratory will simulate the battery in different temperatures, humidity, and even extreme weather conditions to test whether the battery can still maintain a stable state under different conditions; we put the battery into the equipment and use the equipment to test it in different environments, at the same time, we can set different discharge currents to test the changes in battery capacity under different operations, in order to ensure that Each battery has excellent battery life.

ADO laboratory will continue to pay attention to the concerns of the consumers and ADO will continue to produce reliable and high-quality electric bikes that will become your daily travel companion.