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    Dualtron X LIMITED 2*2000W 60Ah 84V E-Scooter

    Original price was: €6,899.00.Current price is: €6,469.00.

    The latest version of the Dualtron X Limited is the flagship model from the manufacturer Dualtron, offering a completely different driving experience through incredible power, stability and technology. The scooter is equipped with an 84V 60Ah LG battery, which allows you to travel up to 170 km on a single charge. With powerful motors with a total nominal power of 4000W and a total maximum power of 12000W, the Dualtron X Limited reaches dizzying speeds and has enormous torque. The maximum voltage of the main battery is 95.4V and the auxiliary battery is 12.6V. The set includes two chargers – 4A for the main battery and 5A for the auxiliary one.