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  • Sale! Kugoo Kirin G3 Electric ScooterKugoo Kirin G3 Electric Scooter

    KugooKirin G3 Electric Scooter

    Original price was: €1,329.00.Current price is: €699.00.

    KugooKirin G3 – Stylish black and orange color scheme with a distinctive twist´╝üThe frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and designed in one piece with no welds, which is sturdy and good looking.The powerful 1200W motor with double heat dissipation provides constant and strong power, allowing the e-scooter to speed up to 50 km/h.Equipped with a large 18Ah Li-ion battery, the KugooKirin G3 can run up to 70km on a full charge, which is definitely a great partner for long distance riding! The advanced LED touch display is designed to display various real-time data such as speed and battery power as well as multi-function control, making your driving smarter, easier and more interesting.

  • Sale! KugooKirin M3 Electric ScooterKugooKirin M3 Electric Scooter

    KugooKirin M3 Electric Scooter

    Original price was: €899.00.Current price is: €460.00.

    KugooKirin M3 Electric Scooter with 36V 13Ah Battery, 500W Brushless Motor, 40 Kilometers Range, 40 kph Max. Speed, 10” Pneumatic Wheels.

  • Sale! Kugoo Kirin M4 Electric ScooterKugoo Kirin M4 Electric Scooter

    KugooKirin M4 Pro Electric Scooter

    Original price was: €899.00.Current price is: €559.00.

    KugooKirin M4 Pro Electric Scooter with 10 inch pneumatic and anti-skid tire. 500W Motor Strong Power and Running 40-45km/h. Front LED light and Taillight safety warning, Bright Red Light, to ensure your driving safety at night. Shock Mitigation System, Dual shock mitigation system can help you enjoy a comfortable ride. Folding handle, help to get small size when the scooter is folded.Braking system, the electric scooter is equipped with a double disc brake on the front wheel and the rear wheel. Strong Grip, wear-resistant and safe. It is suitable for different kinds of roads.

  • Sale! KugooKirin S1 ProKugooKirin S1 Pro

    KugooKirin S1 PRO Electric Scooter

    Original price was: €400.00.Current price is: €299.00.

    KugooKirin S1 PRO Electric Scooter with 8 inch full honeycomb stream tires, 3 speed modes, 36V 7.5 Ah battery, 350W motor, 30km/h Max speed and max 30km running distance, LED display screen, Bright LED light and rear warning light, Shock mitigation system.