DUOTTS S26 Electric Bike

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Discover the future of cycling with the DUOTTS S26! Ten social rowers are leading the trend! A new version with a smart mobile app, a link with an innovative app with an elegant design, making full use of the services on the go. Challenge your imagination and start a new life with the DUOTTS S26 electric bike!

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The LCD display shows that the S26 e-bike is powered by a 48 volt Samsung 20AH battery, proven reliable and long-lasting power with a range of up to 50km with a charge and an assisted range of up to 150km. Unique are the two motors, each with 750 watts, one from each source, delivering 1500 watts and 130 Nm that flow from traction in every environment.

With a mode that is on and off, you can switch between dependencies as needed to get different effects from driving.

DUOTTS S26 Electric Bike
  • Built-in brushless motor: 48V 750W*2 (1500W)
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Battery: 48V 20AH Samsung battery (the battery can be disassembled separately for battery)
  • drivetrain: Shimano 7-speed transmission
  • Display: 5-speed color LCD appearance
  • Tire: 26*4.0 pneumatic
  • Shock absorption: Front + rear spring damping
  • Brakes: DYISLAND brakes
  • Wing: front and rear
  • Handlebar: 158DX electric throttle
  • Max speed: 50km/h (speed can be set to 25km/h )
  • Range: 40-60 km in electric mode, 100-120 km in pedal assist (depending on road conditions, speed and motor vehicles)
  • Three Riding Modes
  • 1. Alone E Mode
  • 2、Pedal assist mode
  • 3. Driving mode
  • Maximum charge: 150 kg
  • Suitable Riding Altitude: 170-200 meters
  • Cushion height: 89-102 cm from the floor
  • Charger: 54.6V 2A (Output voltage: 110V-240V)
  • Controller: Sine Wave Controller (Crystal Fusion 48V 25A Controller) QQ: Front Controller, HQ: Ride Controller
  • S26 battery size: 35*12*9cm, net weight about 5.5kg
  • Packaging:
  • Net weight: 42 kg
  • Gross weight: 44 kg
  • Product size: 195*110*71cm (handlebar length: 71cm)
  • Package size: 148*29*77cm.
DUOTTS S26 Electric Bike

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Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 148 × 29 × 77 cm